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The Rams, the only NFL team without a touchdown, trying to keep it light.

The coach Jeff Fisher attended the offense in the end zone before training this week at Cal Lutheran and instructed all players to hit a ball, apparently to give them the feeling of what it’s like complete a training there.

Fisher also told the team that while searching the rooms of the installation team, he found a box.

“I showed it to them,” he said Wednesday. “He was full of hit. So we watched a few touchdowns.”

Fisher was referring to the game of last season against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the opponent Rams Sunday in Tampa, Florida.

Quarterback Case Keenum connected with receivers Tavon Austin and Kenny Britt for touchdowns and Austin and reverse Todd Gurley rushed for touchdowns in a 31-23 victory.

Rams players and coaches would welcome similar offensive production this week.

In fact, a touchdown would be a feat for an offense that reached the 20-yard line only once in two games.

After being arrested by San Francisco 28-0, the Rams beat the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday 9-3, with three field goals by Greg Zuerlein.

“It is disturbing,” offensive coordinator Rob Boras said when asked about the lack of touchdowns, “that’s our job.”

Keenum is leading an offense that is averaging 234 yards and 4.5 points per game, which ranked last in the NFL in both categories.

But the Rams are 1-1 and tied to four lanes for the first time in the NFC West.

Asked if he felt he was responsible for the lack of touchdowns Rams Keenum said “the burden for me” was won.

“If you tell me now that we’re not going to score another touchdown, but we will win every game, I’d be OK with that,” Keenum said. “I love throwing touchdowns. I like to hit. I like to win. ”

Keenum, however, acknowledged that “we have to score touchdowns to win in this league.”

Fisher subscribed.

“It is very easy to set … he team defense point of view is going to need the offense at some point,” Fisher said. “They’re going to need the offense to score points. ”

Against the Seahawks, the Rams put together at least a few readers who have allowed the defense to rest.

Tackle Aaron Donald said defensive players are not frustrated by the inability of the offense to reach the end zone.

“You want them to get hit, but it will come,” he said. “They had some long drives that left us the land and leave us this second wind we needed and helped us a lot to close the game.”

But the offensive players feel the urgency to produce items other than field goals.

Tight end Lance Kendricks said pre-practice Fisher’s gathering of players in the end zone sent a message.

“It is our standing in the end zone and he’s like, ‘Look, this is a football. This is the end zone. This is where you’re supposed to be,” said Kendricks. “So we kind of laugh, but I know it’s a little severe.

“We have just completed the readers.”

Britt had the chance to score against the Seahawks.

The Rams had first and goal at the four-yard line in the second quarter. Gurley was stopped for a loss of four yards on first down and a pass to Austin on second down lost two yards.

On third down, Britt opened in the end zone in front of Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, but the pass was short and incomplete Keenum fell.

“I have to give him a chance to make the game,” said Keenum.

Britt says come touchdowns.

“We know we have to score points because we can not win every game out field goals,” he said. “We came to help [the defense] out.

“If we get a lead or score 21 points per game, there’s really nobody that can stop us with our defense.”

After stopping against the 49ers, Boras considered the performance of the offense against the Seahawks “a step in the right direction.”

But “more progress” are needed, he said, starting with the game against the Buccaneers.

“They recognize that we fell short,” Boras said, “and we’ll see what happens.”


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