nfl los angeles rams

Rams are going down this fall.

And, they are happy about it.

They have obtained permission from the Inglewood to start drilling the stadium site, and its developers, for will be sunk in at least 100 feet ground venue, scheduled to begin a large excavation in the next two or three months .

For those who say the 0-1 Rams is already embedded, this is a fertile land for wisecracks. However, franchise, open towards the 2019 season, is ready to host the Super Bowl a year later, is a good form to have the $ 260 million palace.

San Diego, in Oakland, the situation of the stadium, there as a punt Johnny Hecker up in the air. In an interesting scheduling twist, Rams, Chargers and Raiders all have a home opener Sunday.

This, the owner, just the beginning of the next chapter, was not cross the finish line in January NFL when he won the Los Angeles market to the Rams. Charger, you have the initiative to a vote in November, which was intended to support the salary for the new stadium in downtown San Diego. Raiders are not just kicking the tires in Las Vegas, but the color, you have chosen wheels, and upholstery.

Supervisory Board in Las Vegas, was passed Thursday unanimously to recommend NFL stadium has been proposed in the city that is generated by increasing the hotel tax, a $ 7.5 million US dollars in public funds for the sake of money.

It Raiders funding for moving to Nevada does not mean that in a predetermined position. What was Thursday happened was an important step, but it is progress that it was towards the beginning of the three steps that would need to occur. These elements are as follows, to ensure the financing of the stadium (who also does not put millions of dollars for freedom) together to put the rest of the stadium of the contract, and the NFL deal get approval.

Development Thursday is not a recommendation, was the approval of $ 750 million. It is up to the governor to determine the MPs now.

Eric grab Man is involved in heavy L.A. process and was between senior executives of the NFL with a focus on the stadium situation. It will be able to stand to reason I think that he is the home opener of the Rams.

“No to when it reaches up to the phone Thursday I he said” would not be there.

So he is, or will be watching the game from New York?

“Actually, I’m going to be the Raiders of the game,” he said. “I go to the game. I will spend a few days after its various meetings of the people.”

Grubman has said it is his schedule has not been set that he would meet with Oakland city officials “possibility”. He declined to say whether or not to travel to Las Vegas.

It is always the plot so that seems to in the melodrama of this two decades, it will be thick.

The big problem that remains in Los Angeles: I wonder if it is just in Englewood Rams wonder of, they have a tenant? Charger, if they need a lot of time to seal the deal in San Diego, but they will be able to extend its options for this year, they are, first of a new LA stadium it has until mid-month to determine what happens to the second team. If the charger is passed to L.A., a one-year option will move over to the Raiders.

We can charger to know is that it may require approval by 66.6 percent of voters, have a high bar to clear in San Diego in order to secure public funding for the stadium . However, the threshold is there are still legal discussion of whether it should be 50%. It would be a big achievement to achieve either. It is not a tourist, it means that the residents will be paid, such as Las Vegas, voters of San Diego, probably more suitable for the hotel tax.

This is perfectly makes sense that the Raiders are exploring the option. Because they are waiting on the other team, because they do not control their own future in L.A. to determine, they are going to develop other attractive market opportunities please they see. At the moment, it is Las Vegas.

In the past, N FL is recoil at the concept of placing a team in the country of the gaming capital. Now, the team owner is not worry too much. Anyone can make a bet of sports you have a cell phone. NFL is a crazy in London, it is among the largest cities in the world for sports betting. The big question about league Las Vegas is as follows. In contrast to the mainly depends on tourism, is it, I will be able to support the team on its own?

Various reports, says by one month for the NFL owners to consider Raiders would like to deal in place. It requires the Nevada legislature is moving to quickly, to come together in a flash for the rest of the business contract.

However, the Raiders, here are playing a chess game, and it is, before they make a final decision in Las Vegas, all that you want to wait to see what happens in Inglewood situation It is the idea. And, perhaps this is spur to Auckland to act.

Two options are better than one, and three of the options is better than two.

From the viewpoint of the NFL, leaving that deal as leverage points to get done in other cities, it would not be bad to have a team and a vacancy in the 1 L.A. at the new stadium. The method, it is with the team in a large market in the second in the nation, and use that market as still open landing strip for the franchise up hungry in any stadium of the current city and in the air.

No, the stadium of the drama is not a finished L.A. or other location. far cry.


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