Los Angeles Rams Are the NFL’s Biggest Pretender

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Looking at the NFC West standings right now is to test the amount of time can be rubbed eyes before there is any reaction.

You look, and nothing seems real. So you rub your eyes or squint a little. Then, once that fails, you take a walk. On this walk you look for a long time a large body of water. But nothing changes you a fact that does not compute.

This fact: The Los Angeles Rams were 3-1 after beating the Arizona Cardinals 17-13 Sunday and lead their division.

The same team that was pummeled 28-0 in Week 1 is at the top of a division the season 2016 NFL rounds the pole quarter.

The same team that has not scored an offensive touchdown until Week 3 loss is among the league squads., Which means that somehow we can put the Rams in the same sentence with the New England Patriots without mocking or choking on something (you don ‘t choke while ago, right?).

Oh, and the same team that calls Case Keenum his starting quarterback would be playoff bound if the season ended today.

But of course, the season does not end today, for a four NFL game this year would not make much sense. Stay with this thought, because early October is often a time for absurd soccer oddness. Read more


Can Case Keenum Keep the Rams Rolling?

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After giving up twice and traded once during his four-year career, Case Keenum of Abilene, Texas is now in a particular situation. Although he played well for the Rams after taking over for starting quarterback Nick Foles, it was almost certain that the organization struggling choose one quarter after trading for the first pick in the 2016 NFL Draft.

This became a reality when the Rams selected Jared Goff, in the hope that the former star of the University Cal would be the star quarterback they desperately need. However, after a rough preseason, the first choice was found inactive as former UH standout led the Los Angeles Rams on the field in San Francisco on Monday Night Football. Keenum, who began a game of the opening day for the first time in his career, struggled in his debut, completing less than half of his 35 passes and throwing for a measly 130 yards and two interceptions as the 49ers routed the visit Rams 28-0.

After struggling so hard against a team of 49ers who had a five-win season and a retired veteran crowd, there was an important question marks around the organization Rams; However, Keenum quickly silenced the skeptics next week when he led the Rams to a 9-3 victory over the champion of the division Seattle Seahawks defense. In victory, Keenum threw for 239 yards and completed 18 of 30 pass attempts. Although it was not always pretty, Keenum was able to lead his team to a key victory over the favorites of the presumptive division.

The following week, Keenum led the Rams to a 37-32 victory on the road against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. With his first two touchdowns of the season, Keenum was 14 of 26 for 190 yards in close combat. Although it is the last in the league in total QBR, Keenum led the Rams to their first 2-1 record since the 2006 season when Marc Bulger led the charge.

With a number one overall pick sitting behind him and a contract expiring at the end of the season, Keenum statistics will improve as the season continues; However, victories speak for themselves and if Case Keenum can keep rolling Rams, they could see their first winning season since 2003.

Rams, Seahawks fans team up to rescue man from overturned portable toilet

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LOS ANGELES, 26 septembre (UPI) – Los Angeles Rams et Seattle Seahawks ventilateurs mis de côté leurs différences après un jeu récent pour sauver un fan d’une toilette portative renversée.

Jordan Rambis a posté une vidéo sur Instagram montrant un homme en jersey Rams essayant d’ouvrir la porte verrouillée à une toilette portative renversé le 18 septembre après le match à Los Angeles.

Un homme vêtu d’une chemise Seahawks bientôt rejoint l’homme et est capable de tirer sur la porte ouverte, libérant le ventilateur piégés à l’intérieur.

“A Seahawks ventilateur basculé sur un gars alors qu’il était en portapotty», a écrit Rambis.

Il a dit l’incident, couplé avec son refroidisseur volé par une femme que lui et ses amis avait offert pour se nourrir, lui a laissé “prêt pour la saison NBA.”

Horrigan: After all these years, Rams PSLs are still a rip-off

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US District Court Judge Stephen N. Limbaugh, Jr. ruled last week that anyone who got one of the original PSLs to watch the Rams play football at St. Louis may be entitled to some sort of compensation for one day, but they are not entitled to buy (and probably sell at a high price) tickets to watch them play in Los Angeles. It was just another football-related courses in the city, to be used to them now.

Given everything that happened, because it is strange to recall how St. Louis lost its collective mind in 1995. Things were a bit desperate. We have been through the great flood of 1993. McDonnell Douglas was persecuted Boeing. NFL left St. Louis in 1987. The Cardinals were saving kick and Major League Baseball players were on strike. But despite everything, the Missouri legislature has ponied up half the cost of new, built-on-spec domed stadium in the city center. Read more

Rams need directions to the end zone

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The Rams, the only NFL team without a touchdown, trying to keep it light.

The coach Jeff Fisher attended the offense in the end zone before training this week at Cal Lutheran and instructed all players to hit a ball, apparently to give them the feeling of what it’s like complete a training there.

Fisher also told the team that while searching the rooms of the installation team, he found a box.

“I showed it to them,” he said Wednesday. “He was full of hit. So we watched a few touchdowns.”

Fisher was referring to the game of last season against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the opponent Rams Sunday in Tampa, Florida.

Quarterback Case Keenum connected with receivers Tavon Austin and Kenny Britt for touchdowns and Austin and reverse Todd Gurley rushed for touchdowns in a 31-23 victory.

Rams players and coaches would welcome similar offensive production this week.

In fact, a touchdown would be a feat for an offense that reached the 20-yard line only once in two games.

After being arrested by San Francisco 28-0, the Rams beat the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday 9-3, with three field goals by Greg Zuerlein. Read more

Rams prepare to dig in Inglewood, but NFL stadium drama is far from over

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Rams are going down this fall.

And, they are happy about it.

They have obtained permission from the Inglewood to start drilling the stadium site, and its developers, for will be sunk in at least 100 feet ground venue, scheduled to begin a large excavation in the next two or three months .

For those who say the 0-1 Rams is already embedded, this is a fertile land for wisecracks. However, franchise, open towards the 2019 season, is ready to host the Super Bowl a year later, is a good form to have the $ 260 million palace.

San Diego, in Oakland, the situation of the stadium, there as a punt Johnny Hecker up in the air. In an interesting scheduling twist, Rams, Chargers and Raiders all have a home opener Sunday.

This, the owner, just the beginning of the next chapter, was not cross the finish line in January NFL when he won the Los Angeles market to the Rams. Charger, you have the initiative to a vote in November, which was intended to support the salary for the new stadium in downtown San Diego. Raiders are not just kicking the tires in Las Vegas, but the color, you have chosen wheels, and upholstery.

Supervisory Board in Las Vegas, was passed Thursday unanimously to recommend NFL stadium has been proposed in the city that is generated by increasing the hotel tax, a $ 7.5 million US dollars in public funds for the sake of money. Read more